Ras AL-Khaimah / Touristic places in Raa Al Kheimaa

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Tourismin Ras Al Khaimah

Since El Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi became a member of Supreme Council and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, may God protect him, the tourism industry has begun across a studied frameworks and plans many of them are done, therefore the train of tourism cut distances and overcome many of the stations.  And here we can make a spotlight on some touristic places in Ras Al Khaimah, in addition to the Sakr garden,Ayen Khet and Corniche Al Qawasem, there are many hotels and resorts.
The researcherProfessor,NajibAl Shamsisays:

Ras Al Khaimah has many historicalareas located on the slopes of the mountains and in the interior plains and coastal areas. These areas are still shape a touristic attractions that confirms the strong presence of Ras Al Khaimah through history, all the discoveries has shown that Ras Al Khaimah has a great history since a very long time and it had passed many periods the oldest was in 5000 BC . AD, it’s the oldest known period in Ras Al Khaimah near by the Red island as found on the ruins of the huge structures and tools of flint and pottery were also found and the site in Khet contains flint tools from the same period, then other periods have rolled, such as Hafeet period 3000 - 2600 BC . AD.Then the mother of fire civilization from 2600 to 2000 BC . AD , Then market Valley period from 2000 to 1600 BC . AD. Then the Iron Age1250-300 BC . AD. then the period of Hellenistic and Persian 300 BC . AD. - 300 AD and the period of occupation Sasanian 300 AD- 632 AD, then the Abbasia  period 750-1250 AD, this highlights the great importance of the unified Islamic empire. There are two locations made Ras Al Khaimah to be more important to know the ways of trade and goods in the centuries of Islamic, the Castle Kosh and another site on the island of analyte and this for buildings made ​​of palm fronds (Arish) both sites known within Galfar and is an ancient city known for the pilgrim, and the Muslim geographers such as al-Maqdisi in the tenth century and Idrisi in the twelfth century, in these two locations were found the oldest coffee bean in the world during the eighteenth century, and this discovery was before two centuries of the historical resources that give us information on the use and trade of coffee, then the subsequent Islamic period (Fourteenth century - Nineteenth century).
Potteryin Ras Al Khaimah

Galfar was famed by the quality of its pottery which makes in the regions of Shaml and Haukel Valley, it’s one of the main centers for the production of pottery, which was distributed to all the Arabian Gulf countries for more than 500 years, production has continued then the last furnace has left in the Haukel valley for 30 years.

Castlesandtowers of Ras Al Khaimah

About castles and towers that can be invested areas to show her beauty, there are Daia Castle which located in the north of the Rams city which its history has been constant from 1819. A battle was took place between the people of Ras Al Khaimah and British forces which demolished the top of the castle, and on the top of modern Shaml village there is the only Palace which known in the UAE, and this is known as the (Palace of the Queen Zaba) the queen of Todmor city in the Levant countries, The palace overlooks the fertile Shaml flat and there are several water tanks and rooms still retain by their original ceilings, and this palace is very connected by  the commercial city “Julfar”, and there are a number of high observation towers that was mostly renovated in addition to the fort, which turned into  Ras Al Khaimah national Museum.

Archaeological places

There is no doubt that the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah as old as history, and this is obvious to be full of monuments, anyone who wandering in the emirate will be amazed of the monuments site effects in all regions. It’s affected in history, that indicates on this emirate is very old, rich and original; the researcher Najib Abdullah Al Shamsi says in his book: (Ras Al Khaimah is the capital of the future) he says: the ancient Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah such worthy that includes citadels and fortresses which effects history and there is a collection of books talking about these castles , forts and monuments we will confine here as reported by researcher Najib Abdullah Al Shamsi - in this area - in the book of the future capital of Ras Al Khaimah, which documents the development of cultural and economic in the emirate:
The city of Julfar which located on the Gulf coast north of the current Ras Al Khaimah considered as one of the big Islamic cities, this city was well-known since the fourth century AH (tenth century AD). It was famous by its commercial relations with China and other regions of East Asia and continued so until its role was retreated in the seventeenth century, the excavations have revealed in this city for residential homes and at least four mosques on top of each other. And the Islamic eras dating back to the late the last few centuries there are a large number of archaeological sites that were populated. The archaeological thingswhere scattered on the surfaces of these archaeological sites that were populated indicate that there were some people roam between the coast and the oases and deserts. If the Prospectors consider the era of the second millennium BC was dark in the ancient history of the region, what was discovered in Shaml area has confirmed the development of civilization of this region during that era such as the household utensils that were found buried with the dead, as well as pots and stone weapons.
The Department of Antiquities and Museums Has given attention to the archaeological discoveries sites through the first law of Government of Ras Al Khaimah's for the protection of monuments in the emirate by the Department of Information and Tourism, in the twentieth of December of the year 1983 called (Law ancient monuments) and this law contributed in protection of national monuments from the hands of abusers and from loss, in 1987 the Ecologists Associations donated to El Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi (may Allah bless him), a group of a remnants organisms lived in the emirate at various times since the beginning of (Altreyas age) before 255 million years to the Alolijusy age before 28 million years ago and the majority has formed in the Cretaceous era. In total, the sites that have been drilling at Ras Al Khaimah has included areas such as Shaml, Ghalila, Daih, Rams, Galfar, Alkor Valley, Vchgha Naslh, Ravak, Almniei Alwaab and Aasmh.  Each year appear discoveries, new projects, plans and programs until now the monuments department (formerly) has a large amount of archaeological treasures that are priceless. All discoveries have shown that the history of Ras Al Khaimah was very impacted and has gone through many periods and the oldest periods of (5000 years BC. AD)
Khatt Springs

Khatt springs is famous for its natural warm water with therapeutic properties, it is rich in natural minerals, which is at a depth of 90 feet below from the surface and its temperature about  40 degrees Celsius, Khatt water helps in the treatment of skin diseases and problems associated with the disease of rheumatism, the springs of this Khatt offers a treatment along with thermal water , the visitors of Khatt springs can enjoy one of the most famous picnics and trips in Ras Al Khaimah, and get a special basins, treatment rooms in addition to the cafe, which offers a variety of soft drinks.

Remarkablemedical opinions

Based on the blessed El Sheikh Saqr Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi after him, El Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi the ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, (may god potect him), has paid a great interest for Ras Al Khaimah in tourist areas, entertainment and archaeological sites which are significantly spread across the emirate. Among these sites the Resort of Khet tourism which is located in the west of the mountain s of Ras Al Khaimah which are three eyes bursting with hot water full of minerals with serenity and purity. The tourist resort Khatt was opened on Tuesday, in the twenty-second of the year (1403) on the seventh of December (1982) under the care of El Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, God bless him.

Since then this resort has become the destination for visitors from the UAE, the Gulf States and the Arab countries for the importance of this water in healing many diseases and what in this water from the natural beauty, pleasure, happiness and comfort to the visitors and residents.     Khatt resort consists of a lounge  with two wings, one for men and the other is for women includes facilities for meals, refreshments, rest rooms and another for dressing in addition to the garden with electrical and electronic games.
The Benefitswater heat ofKhatt

No doubt that the springs of Khatt water or other natural springs which are spread all over the world isconsidered as a contributing factor in the treatment of many diseases.
Because the water temperature by up to forty degrees Celsius working on heating the skin which leading to the expansion of blood vessels in the skin and increase the amount of blood that reaches the skin, So it increasing the amount of oxygen to the hyphen and this improves the performance of cells and tissues in general.
If we know that in the case of inflammation anywhere in the body, the body tries to eliminate it through brings more blood to the inflamed area and the Corethra cells remove dead cells and replace intact cells. So, make sure that the property of Khatt warm water improves the performance of the cells in general, and performance of the skin cells in particular.

This resort is considered the first touristic achievement at an area where has many monuments.. And diverse topography of the valleys, mountains and plains decorated with greenery palm and trees throughout the year.. The area of ​​ Khatt springs is a piece of beauty it’s between the mountains and surrounded by palm and trees that fill the nature charm and splendor.. The charming construction has added an ergonomic that surrounds the eye, which was inspired by the architectural style of the Arab-Islamic.. The resort is attached with a garden has full of games and a lounge with electronic games and various entertainment.