Ras AL-Khaimah / Saqr Public Park

  • حديقة صقر
  • حديقة صقر
  • حديقة صقر
  • حديقة صقر
  • حديقة صقر
  • حديقة صقر
  • حديقة صقر

Saqr Public Park
Under the guidance of El Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi the Municipality of Ras Al Khaimah begun in 1989 the implementation of the project Saqr Park, and the sun rose in the garden in 1991 until it became an important resort frequented by visitors from inside and outside Ras Al Khaimah.
The instruction of His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi a Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah has made a positive impact garden and a beautiful green area, because of the increased facilities and various modifications and reforms that gave the park beautiful and glamorous.
The Prince's support of the tourist places and archaeological sites in Ras Al Khaimah gave it a nice suit cope with cultural renaissance led by His Highness with confidence and determination, in the following we draw by words Saqr garden scene that is constantly developing:

Location and Area

Park site: 8 km south of the city of Ras Al Khaimah in "Kharran."

Total Park area: 28 hectares, equivalent to 28,000 square meters.
Insidethe garden

There are inside the park entertainment games and sport games in addition to the three Arcades which are closed and air-conditioned, and there are two halls for the Youth games and a private lounge for women, and all these three lounges equipped with the modern games with a private prayer area for women in the lounge which providing with all other services such as: (restaurants, pools, benches for seating, dining tables, ball game and bing bong  for adults) all these services always work during the time of receiving visitors in the park, and there are a permanent maintenance of all the facilities services for the comfort of visitors.

Landscapingand fixed games

The Land of the garden planted with palm trees of type 2000 PASPLLUM where there are 18 flat palm and an area of ​​22,000 square meters, spread in these land some of the farm hills, the rest of the land are flat and you will find a fixed playgrounds for children to suit the ages of 3-6 years, as shown on the map of the full extension of the garden.

The Lake of boats, waterfall and the water boat

There are in the south-west of the park the game of water boats where the artificial lake, which expands to more than a dozen boats at one time, and next to this game there is a game for circular cars and these games are for children aged 4-10 years, and next to these games there is a waterfall where the flow of water from the top with the red lights floodlights and fence made ​​of aluminum painted red to give a romantic sense, while in the west there is a game of the water boat and water fast flowing that drive the boat from top to bottom, There is no doubt that these games gives an advantage to the garden, and provide for the children what makes them happy, and reflect the beauty of a special visitors to the park, which is a landmark in Ras Al Khaimah.
The Circletrain around the park

The revolving train around the park goes a distance of 1560 m within ten minutes, which revolves around the park and enables the passengers to see parts of the park and the elements of nature , riding it makes you feel pleasure as it passes on some of the green areas, the lake and the seating place of the visitors, and other beautiful views in the garden, in addition to this train there is an airy trains (Telefreick) one of them is in the east of the garden by length of 50 meters and the other in the center of the park with the same length as well as the train of the airy airship which is located on the western side of the park, which drag four carts the capacity of each cart three passengers and walking in the aerobically.
Hallsof Indoors games

In The public Saqr garden there are three closed arcades with air-conditioned and with large areas and each room has its own services where they are equipped with the latest games for children, and there is a cafeteria and a restaurant that serves meals, soft drinks and all what children need of services in addition to that there is a prayer area for women and private bathrooms are also in every room.

The Fast cars

There are three categories of the fast cars by age, a cars at least speed for children ages of 3-5 years and cars fastest for ages 6-12 years. Each track has its own security to provide public safety.

Buildingsand fast food restaurants

In addition to the cafeterias which are in the closed halls there are shops, simple restaurants and these are located in the eastern side of the park where they can get from these stores on sandwiches and soft drinks and seating outdoor, as well as there is some simple stalls, these are distributed alongside internal roads to provide some services for visitors.

Internal servicesfor men and women

In addition to the private bathrooms inside the arcades and in the mosque of the park, there are eight bathrooms within the park (four for men - four for women) and every bathroom has four en-suite bathrooms have been colored to distinguish different colors and  to be accessible.

Administrative buildings

In the garden at the entrance to the left there is a special administrative office staff and local police as well as a special office for the ticket agent and a private room for internal radio matters concerned with its own internal garden also it helps in other special or public events.

The municipal was focused on this garden to provide the best services for visitors, they built umbrellas for taking a break in the areas of green spaces and the area of ​​each umbrella of 50 square meters their design is very modern, every umbrella takes four families and every umbrella equipped with tables to put the food out with benches for seating has covered with Ceramic.
(Granite) In addition, there is an Arabic tent and constructed from (palm fronds) by an area of ​​80 square meters.

Green hills

In the Saqr garden there are a green hills tells one of the stories of Ras Al Khaimah, which known by many cultivated areas and a large number of palm trees .. beside this there are hills of stone and some hillocks, which sits by the visitors and chime hills and hillocks with the near waterfall that draws a very beautiful with the birdsong which hugging gentle breezes and a permanent whisper nature.
Private parking

The parking of the park accommodates about 1,000 cars, and there is another parking is currently being studied to increase the parking area, to provide a sufficient number of parking for cars.
The new portal has been designed for the garden to reflect the sense of the heritage of the emirate. The garden has been equipped three desalination connected with (30) network of modern irrigation, and the interior lighting have been renewed for the garden with more than 120 columns of electricity length of 4.5 m and columns of more than seventy columns along the ten meters, and also it has more than (56) basin with different sizes for the cultivation of flowers to decorate the interior passages like the beautiful geometric shapes.
There are a wide range of flowers grown in the garden, including summer and winter ones, which give a beautiful green spaces and a garden in different colors and the most important cultivated flowers are: -
(Celosia dance, Petunia Hybrida V, Marigold, Vinca, Sunsplsh, Zonnia LCE CREAM)
And other flowers ..
And The most important cultivated trees and planted are:
(Ornamental Trees, Delonix Regia, Parkinsosae Aculta, Cordia sebesten, Ficus Nitida)
The palm trees in the garden are:
(Phenix Dactylifera, Nedoysis Decaryi, Phoneix Canarinsis)
There are some types of shrubs planted within the park, including:
(Thevetia Nereifolia, Bougainivvela Glabra, Caeslpiniia Gillessi, Clerodendrum Inerume)
In addition to some types of Cactus plants cultivated in the garden:
(Aloe Marlothii, Agave American (Marginata)
These are some of the types of plants that have been cultivated in the garden, and the Municipality is working to enrich the garden with new types of plants and trees to increase the park beautiful and splendor.

There areinside the park in a group of different trees

      Number of Ghaf Trees 2929
       Number of Infernal trees 415
       Number of palm trees 53 tree
       Number of Aldamas trees 265 tree

Types of gamesin the garden

 1. The revolving train around the park, it spins inside the park and cut through a distance of 1560 m in ten minutes
   2.   Lake boats, waterfall and the boat water
   3.Fast cars
     4. Ground  train
    5. Swing Game
   6.  Speed train
    7. Vertical swing Game
   8.  Elephant Game
   9. SlideGame
The accomplishments within the park

    1.  Building a conditioned hole and there are 25 electronic game for children and a restaurant to serve visitors to, a chapel for women and two bathrooms for women and children.
    2.  Maintenance and installation of Chrisbton for internal roads 6100 meters
    3. Umbrellas was created made of ceramic which takes four families ..
   4.  4 umbrellas was created which looks like a tent
    5. Heritage umbrella was created
    6. 67 chair was created for sitting, made of ceramic
    7. 20 umbrella chairs was created
     8. 3 refrigerators were put for drinking a cold water to serve visitors
    9. 3 bathrooms for men were added and 4 sinks to wash
    10.  Create a volleyball court
     11. Create a new bath for Men
     12. Create 25 new grill, so the count become 50 Grill

The new Achievements of the garden

     1. Internal roads and paths which connect the green spaces with the streets to each other in order to facilitate the process of getting around the park to enjoy its beautiful
    2.  A private bathrooms was completed for disabled women and men
     3. Providing a hopper game
     4. A stadium was completed
     5. An heritage umbrella was created
     6. 20 umbrella chairs Was created
     7. 3 refrigerators were put to drinking cold water to serve visitors
     8. Permanent exhibition was held in the park show the old pictures of Ras Al Khaimah and telling the young people about the heritage of Ras Al Khaimah.

Guidelines which signed by the municipal department for the park

     My citizen and resident brother, Be eco-friendly and contribute in the removal of pollution because of your breach will put you under the responsibility.
     My visitor brother ,the park management welcomes you and invites you: for your comfort and your safety please follow the below instractions:
     - Maintain the cleanliness inside the park
     - Don’t grill on the green area.
     - Don’t walk around the park by the car.
    - Don’t bring any Pets.
     - Don’t play by the ball inside the green area.
     - Tell the Management about any inquire or anything lost and found
     Attention! For the safety of children and for looking after the installations of the park, please the parents and the administrators, take care of the school trips .. follow-up and observe the children to avoid any risk or heart them, although the park management is not bear any responsibility for any damage or injury resulting from tampering .. Responsibility for children lies on their parents.
     Ras Al Khaimah Municipality invites honored visitors to visit the permanent exhibition of old photos of the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah ..
 Old Photo Gallery For Ras Al Khaimah