Excellence Office

Institutional Excellence Office specializes in applying quality systems, models and the requirements of the development of the institutional performance and excellence of government so as to promote a culture of excellence and outstanding service to customers.


The Municipality has got in 2006 on the global ISO certificates
9001-2008 (administrative) and 14001-2004 (environmental).
In March - 2013 the Municipality had the privilege of access to the second position in the category of Distinguished Government Department of Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence.
And first position in the category of outstanding quality unit results so the continuous efforts in the implementation of an action plan in line with the requirements of institutional performance excellence and achieve leadership Visions in the development.


Definition of applications EFQM European Excellence Model
Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence

It Is a part of the administrative systems in organizations and put by the European Foundation for Quality EFQM for the leadership of institutions towards excellence and competitiveness, which fits all institutions, regardless of size, scope of work, the structure of the institution. It has proved a huge success in leading institutions of excellence., A tool that helps organizations to measure their performance and identify gaps and to understand them and then put the solutions to them
The Award categories of Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence
Institutional Excellence

     The category of Distinguished Government Department
     Distinguished Government Department category in the self-assessment
     Government Department of excellence in customer service
     Government Department in support of the competitive
     Category of financial performance

Outstanding Organizational Units

     Category of organizational excellence units
    Category of Excellent management
    category of Section Excellence

Groups of superiority career

    Outstanding Director / Supervisor
    Distinguished Executive Administrative Officer
    Distinguished Technical Employee
    Distinguished customer service Employee
    Outstanding Accountant
    Distinguished Engineer

Definition for quality and ISO

many people understands that quality means (good quality), but if we want to sum ​​up the science of quality definition we can say that they meet the needs and requirements of customers and the continuous improvement of production processes to gain customer satisfaction and improve service quality, production and raise the level of performance of workers and reduce costs, time and effort.
And The ISO word (ISO) is the word came from the initials of the World Organization for Standardization (International Standardization Organization), a global consortium based in Geneva, Switzerland

Family members of the ISO?

      Series specifications ensure quality management system ISO 9001:2008
      Series specifications environment management system ISO 14001:2004
      Series Specification Management System Health and Safety management OHSAS 18001:1999
      Series specifications management food safety systems ISO 22000:2005 HACCP HACCP
      A series of general requirements for the competence test and calibration laboratories ISO 17025:2000
     Series specifications management ISO 27001:2005 Information Security system.



The functions of the Institutional Excellence Office
  • Preparation and documentation of work procedures in the municipality and follow-up the required adjustments as interest and work requirements which quality system which practicing in the municipality.
  • Improve the level of service provided by conducting studies related to the services provided by the municipality
  • Develop working methods, tools and mechanisms, respectively and develop criteria for measuring the performance of the operations in the municipality, in coordination with the Departments concerned.
  • Preparation, implementation and follow-up plan and internal audit programs for quality system in the municipality.
  • Follow-up treatment and preventive measures in business problems.
  • Spread the culture of quality in the Municipality through leaflets, brochures, competitions and seminars.
  • Collecting necessary data and information for quality management.
  • Analysis of data and information.
  • The application of self-assessment on an annual basis.
  • Preparation of improvement plans and follow-up and display the results on the leadership of the department
  • Cooperation and coordination with all departments of the Municipality.
  • Prepare annual reports on the achievements of the office.
  • Follow the suggestions and complaints of customers in all departments, in coordination with supervisors and coordinators of quality systems

Contacts of Institutional Excellence Office

Phone: 2332422 to 07
Conversions: 223-224-360
Fax: 2332420 to 07
Email: saeedalashkar@mun.rak.ae

  Types of customers benefit from the services of the Institutional Excellence Office.

     All dealers