Media Office

This is a section of the departments and managements of the Municipality of Ras Al Khaimah, its objectives centered in the interaction with the audience, the consolidation of the use of the Arabic language, activate all the means of communication, encourage employees to communicate and express their opinions, establish the concept of public service for both externally and internally on the staff, and to highlight the activities of the Department of Municipal and its development steps, and coordinate between governmental agencies to enhance the institutional unity and prevent duplication.

Responsibilitiesand tasks
  • Raise the level of communication with customers and raise the level of their awareness and culture, and creating interactive formats which increases the communication.
  • Deepen communication with customers for more culture, knowledge and recognition to the activities of the Department of the municipality through publication in the Journal of Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, statistical books, brochures, memos (posters) and brochures, direct contact through events and celebrations.
  • Increase efficiency and overall capacity in the field of government communication.
  • Strategic planning for the institutional communications depending on a plan and strategy of Municipality of Ras Al Khaimah.
  • Classification of information in cooperation with the relevant authorities and based on the information available to take advantage of them.
  • Building the concept of respect for the Arabic language.
  • Raising the national identity.
  • Ensure on disseminate and institutional deepen.
  • Contribute to the clarity of the institutional environment and raise the positive image for the employees of the municipal.
  • Encourage internal and external communication with customers.
  • Deepening the partnership role with the external parties.
  • Contribute to the awareness campaigns.
  • Encouraging the aimed Ads.
  • Encourage technological progress and engage in new communication media and use of it to serve the objectives of the Office of intuitional Communications.
  • Responding to media and communication media constantly and dissemination of publications (magazines, brochures, posters, memos) which service the Municipality and raise communitybond and the dissemination of culture desired.
  • Building a media relations and open stating benefit to promote public awareness and giving it the opportunity to understand the policy of the municipality and its initiatives, programs and outputs all.