The Department of Public Health

Department of Public Health is considered one of the important pillars in Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, for what the impact of their activities is effective in maintaining the health and safety of the human environment. municipal department have seek since its inception to create section on public health and provided its full potential to help it fulfill its role in the prevention of community members from diseases transmitted through contaminated environmental elements such as water, food and air, as the public health is a goal all the countries are trying to achieve all over the world because health is the most precious in humans, and humans are the most expensive in the country.

The Organizational structure of the Department of Public Health

Our goals

  • Maintaining the overall health of the community members.
  • Protect the environment from pollution.
  • Ensure the safety of food offered in markets, whether imported or manufactured locally.
  • Increase consumer confidence in food quality and safety.
  • Ensure water quality and safety.
  • Increase the level of health awareness among all members of society.
  • Upgrading local industry.
  • Protect consumers from the fraud.
  • The implementation of laws and regulations relating to environmental health, food ... etc..
  • Gain satisfaction members of the community and raise the level of services provided to them.