(08/07/2014) Ras Al Khaimah Municipality provides inspectors by Thermometersto to measure the cold and setting irregularities in storing food ( 2014-08-07 )

Ras Al Khaimah Municipality seized yesterday 300 kg of spoiled meat and food because of a malfunction coolers, one of the major associations and car transport foodstuffs, came during the inspection campaigns on chillers, air-conditioners, which are currently carried out by the municipality after setting the number of such offenses during the past period.

Khalifa Mohammed Al Maktoum, Director of Public Health Department of the municipality said that the inspectors of thedepartment seized 200 kilograms within an grand association at the emirate consists of a meat and chicken was found not fit for consumption because of poor freezing process in refrigerated storage, as Inspectors set 100 kg in a transport car for foodstuffs for the same reasons.

He stressed that the meat and food that have been seized are unfit for human consumption because of the saved in storage conditions not suitable for freezing and preserving what led to the solubility, pointing out that the municipality provided the inspectors and veterinarians during the last period by Thermometersto measure the cold temperatures inside food establishments, as well as measuring the degree of material itself, so as to compel these facilities to save food in adequate sanitary conditions which ensure that corruption and intact reach to the final consumer.
The director of the Department of Public Health that the municipality tightened control during the last period on the refrigerant shops and food establishments and vehicles that are transporting these materials, after setting several monitored by the department inspectors for the lack of commitment by some health conditions and safe to process food preservation, especially owners of small shops and who resort to separate refrigerant and air conditioners to save electricity bill leads to corruption of those materials.